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Bandara Mountain, Climb #51

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Mount Si, climb #74

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Mount Si, Climb #73

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Bandara Mountian, climb #50

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Mount Si, Climb #72

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Bandara Mountain climb #49

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Bandara climb #48

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Mount Si Climb #71

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Mount Si Climb #70

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Mount Si climb #69

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Mount Si climb #68

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Tough Mudder 2014

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Bandara Mountain climb #47

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Bandara Mountain climb #46

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Mount Si climb #67

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Bandara Mountain climb #45

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Mount Elbrus

This was the 4th of the 7 summits.... (Read More)
Mount Si climb #66

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Run To Muir

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Kendal Catwalk

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Mount Si, climb #65

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Mount Si, climb #64

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Mount Si, climb #63

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Mount Si, climb #62

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Mount Si, climb #61

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Mount Definance

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Mount Si climb #60

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#52 Mount Si

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#51 Mount Si

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#50 Mount Si

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#49 Mount Si

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#36 Bandara Mountain

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#48 Mount Si

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#47 Mount Si

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#35 Bandara Mountain

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#34 Bandara Mountain

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#46 Mount Si

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#45 Mount Si

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#33 Bandara Mountain

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#32 Bandara Mountain

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#44 Mount Si

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#43 Mount Si

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#42 of Mount Si

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Mount Si #41

Climbed Mount Si Christmas day as the tradition continues.... (Read More)
Mount Si, climb #40

Started at 3:20pm. Snow is at mile marker 1 and up. Snowed a good 8-10 inches more, from the last evening. Snow was light, and good to hike on, no need for cleats. Hit the top at 4:53pm, so my time up was 1 hour 33 minutes. That's 5 minutes sl... (Read More)
Mount Si, climb #39

Started at 3:12pm. Hit the top at 4:40pm, on the dot. 1 hour, 28 minutes to the top, with a full pack. Snow from mile 2.5 and up. Snowing hard at the top, and all the way down. Turned to rain at the 1 mile mark. Off the trail by 5:50pm.... (Read More)
Mount Si, climb #38

Started out at 4:12pm. Hit snow at the 2.5 mile mark, and slush on the trail from mile 3.5 up. Top at 5:50pm. Time of 1 hour 48 minutes. Passes a gentleman around mile 1, in Levi's, and wearing street clothes. Ran into him again on the way dow... (Read More)
Mount Bandera, climb #31

Climb start at 6:47am. Dark until new section of trail. Submitted in 1 hour 40 minutes. Rained all the way up, 30mph+ winds at the top. Some snow on the north sides. ... (Read More)
Mount Bandera, hike #30

Sunday morning hike, William and Matthew. Started at 6:10, hit the top at 7:47am. Solid pace, but nothing special, 1 hour 37 min. Full pack (35pounds). Down by 9:00am. William, A-, did a solid job on the way down. Only 4 cars in the parking lot... (Read More)
Mount Bandera, hike #29

Hiked with Mark and William. Hit the trail at 6:30am, arrived at the top at 8:10am, with a solid time of 1 hour 40 minutes. Was back to the car by 9:45am, with a large amount of traffic on the trail. Although better than summer, still to many peop... (Read More)
Mount Baker

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Mount Adams

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Bandara Mountain in June

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Mount Snoqualmie

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Mount Si - June

Hit the trail at 6:07am, with William. At the top by 7:42am. Was off the trail by 8:42am, round trip of 2 hours 35 minutes. Not bad for not hiking in 3 months.... (Read More)
Mount Si, Feb 2011

Monday Feb 21st, 2011 Hit the trail at 4:40pm, sunset was at around 5:50pm. William and I. (Matthew) Had to switch on the head lamp just short of mile 2, and also turned on William's red flashing light. The flashing light really helps to see him ... (Read More)
Mount Si, Feb 2011

Sunday, Feb 21st 2011 Got up late, started later than normal. Myself and William (Matthew). Hit the trail at 6:40am. Snow is from mile mark 2.5 and up. Had to slip on cleats to get traction at mile 3. Only 3 people summited before me. Hit the ... (Read More)
Mt. Taylor, NM (Mike)

A quick snowshoe up and ski down Mt. Taylor, near Grants, NM with my friend, Adam White. Skiing Taylor was on my life list, so "check!" The snow was so wind scrubbed, however, that skiing was extremely challenging due to wind/sun crust and... (Read More)
Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas Morning on Mount Si. William and I hit the trail at 6:18am, and headed up. We climbed in the dark until around mile post 3.5. Hit the top at 8:00am straight up, 1 hour 40 minutes to the top, not bad. Headed down at 8:05am, and was off... (Read More)
Skiing Chair Peak

First back country ski for the 2010 winter season. Headed out with Mark Davis, and hit the upper Chair Peak bowl. Mostly a frozen layer about 3-4 inches thick, then soft underneath. Basicly, crap for skiing. Here's a video of Matthew coming dow... (Read More)
CommonWealth Basin

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Mount Si

Sunday, November 7th. Hit the trail at 4:15pm with William. (Matthew) Day light savings has just kicked in, and while on the way to the trail, it was pouring. Hoping for better weather than the day before. Maybe 10 cars in the parking lot, hit... (Read More)
Mount Si

Saturday, November 6th Wanted to try for two climbs this weekend, so it seemed better to do Si both weekend days, in the evening of course. William and I headed out. (Matthew) Hit the trail at 5:03pm, and headed up. It was dark fast, say around ... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain in Oct 2010

Sunday October 31st, Halloween William and I headed out to the trail around 6am. (Matthew) A tree was blocking the road about a mile from the trail head. Tried pulling it with the wench, but I had no saw, so we just parked there and headed up. ... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain in Oct 2010

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Bandara Mountain in Oct 2010

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Kendal Peak in August of 2010

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Bandara in August 2010

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Bandara in July

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Skiing down from Muir in May

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East summit, Snoqualmie Mountain

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Skiing off Red Mountain !

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Skiing off Bandara Mountain

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One Crappy back country Ski - Red Mountain

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Skiing off Granite Mountain for the 2nd weekend

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Skiing off Granite Mountain

Decided it was time for some moutain skiing, so Mark Davis and I headed up to Granite, to see what snow may be left. Snow line starts around 3000 feet, so you have to hike in about 2.5 miles. Since Mark and I have climbed this many times, we head... (Read More)
Climbing Bandara in 2010

Time to hit some other trails, and some with snow. Granite was great, no one on the trail, and snow at the upper levels. Mark Davis and I headed off the main trail as soon as we hit enough snow, and started kicking steps straight up to the top. W... (Read More)
Mount Si - training hike

Hit the trail for this weeks training hike. Up in 1:45, and round trip in 2:50. Lots of people on the trail for Saturday, looks like everyone is thinking its summer already. Great conditions for hiking, and 40 pounds felt good all the way up.... (Read More)
Mount Si - training hike

Off to the top again, for another training hike. Hit the top in 1:40, and round trip in 2:50. Running full 40 pounds now, and feels good. The weather was horrible. Rained the entire hike all the way up and down. But, it also meant, very few p... (Read More)
Mount Si - training hike

Another great training hike. Mark Davis joined me, and we headed up in the morning. Hit the top around 1:55, and round trip of 3:10. Overall rain all the way up. Snow was still at the top, but the conditions were wet. ... (Read More)
Mount Si - training hike

Hit the hill again for training. Up time was 1:40, and round trip was 2:55. Overall, good run. I love going when everyone else is getting off the trail. Hit the top before sunset, and returned in the dark. William joined me, and did great. H... (Read More)
Mount Si - training hike

First time up Si for this weekend. Also summited the next day on Sunday. Went up in the late evening, sun was down by the time I hit mile one. Very little traffic, but it was pitch black all the way up. Overall time up was 1:40, and round trip ... (Read More)
Mount Si - training hike

Hit Si in the late evening. It was dark by mile 2, and only ran into a few people around mile 3 on their way down. They seemed a bit out of it, but I hit the top in good time. 1:40 up, and 2:50 round trip. William also hiked with me, and had ... (Read More)
Hiking Mount Si - New Years week cont.

Climbed Mount Si again today, leaving the parking lot at 2:45. Took William with me, and hit about 30 people on the way off the mountain. By the time we hit mile marker 3, no one else was above us. We topped out at 1 hour and 43 minutes, and staye... (Read More)
Hiking Mount Si - Christmas week cont.

Third time is a charm. Left the trail head at 3:03pm, with William in tow. About 40 cars in the parking lot, hit all the traffic up to mile 3, then the trail was all mine. No one else was on the mountain, topped out about 4:45pm, just as the sun ... (Read More)
Hiking Mount Si - Christmas Day !!!

Hike #2 for the week. Got an earlier start, hit the trail around 1:00pm, hitting the top around 2:30pm. Dumped about 12 pounds of water, and returned as quickly as possible. Hit the bottom at 3:50pm, making a time of 2 hours 50 minutes, with a 40... (Read More)
Hiking Mount Si - Christmas week

Being off for Christmas, it seemed a good week to get back into hiking. Decided to climb Si three times this week, something I've not done before. Started out about 3:00pm, hit the top at 4:50pm. Recent snow had turned to ice at the top, making ... (Read More)
CommonWealth Basin

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Kendal Peak

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Mount Lundin

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Mount Si

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Bandara - Last of August 2009

Last climb of Bandara for 2009. Mark Davis and myself (Matthew) head out to get back into the normal weekend grind. First on the trail, and first to the top, with a round trip time of 3 hours 30 minutes. Not bad for a 20 minute break on top, and ... (Read More)
Mount Saint Helens

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Granite to Bandara

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Kendal Catwalk

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Mount Defiance & P3

Two summits in one day, a rare day in Washington hiking. Mark Davis and myself (Matthew) set out to summit Mount Defiance, a good hike for training. Definance is a longer hike on the Bandara trail. You end up going 2.5 miles up Bandara, and then h... (Read More)
Red Mountain in 2009

Its Sunday, and therefore is a hike day. Today is Red Mountain, a favorite off the I-90 West ski area exit. Temps were a bit warm, so no William or Buddy today. Mark Davis did join me (Matthew) though, and we made good time to the summit. Round t... (Read More)

Buddy, William and I (Matthew) hit Bandara around 7:00am on Sunday. Its was raining in the valley, so fog was all over the mountian. We were running a bit late, but were still first to the trail head. We hit the summit at 1 hour 50 minutes, and fi... (Read More)
Bandara in June

Mark Davis, William, Buddy, and myself (Matthew) hit Bandara today, at about 6:30am. Bandara is off Exit 45 on I-90 going East from Seattle. The road, is a 5 mile back track to a parking lot. With all the snow fall this year though, the road i... (Read More)
Mount Si - Back from 6 months off

Well, we are back. Its the Three Amigo's !!! William, the man on point. Buddy, the security guard. Matthew We hit Si for the first time in exactly 6 months. Its summer time, since there were already people on the trail when we headed up at 6... (Read More)
Mike: Mt. Shasta, Casaval Ridge

Mike and a friend, Nik, attempted to climb Mt. Shasta via Casaval Ridge. I flew to Oakland today and met Nik, who had flown into San Fransisco and rented the car earlier that day. We drove straight up to Dunsmuir, CA (near Mt. Shasta city) stopping... (Read More)

Arrived in Lima, Peru at approx. midnight local time. Amazed how fast Spanish comes back when your immersed in it and forced to use it. Had 2 meals on the plane: Dinner was ravioli, salad, a roll, and passion fruit cake. Snack was a ham, cheese, a... (Read More)
Ravens' Ridge - 12k Acclimatization

Spent two nights on Ravens' Ridge near the Santa Fe ski area. Climbed to 12,400 for three days in a row and slept at 11,800 to acclimatize for Aconcagua. I leave for South America next week and this was a perfect way to refresh my altitude and cold... (Read More)
Deception Peak, NM

Just a quick snowshoe and scramble up to the false summit of Lake Peak near Santa Fe, NM. Lot's of "Christmas snowshoers" on the trail this weekend. A couple more weeks and they'll all realize that this sport sucks, haha, and they'll go b... (Read More)
Mount Si

On Sunday, the pass was closed, so no luck going back country skiing. That left Mount Si to climb, since its this side of the State Patrol road block. Mark Davis and I set out about 7:30am, and hit a foot of snow from mile one through two. At mile... (Read More)
Mount Si

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Kendall Catwalk

Mark and Matthew head out for late November hike, with snow levels being very minimal, we set out for the Kendal Catwalk. Trail was snow bound from the parking lot up. Following the PCT trail, we hit knee deep snow at about the 5000 level. Once ou... (Read More)
Lake Peak

Mike and Z climb Lake Peak (12,409') to learn the route and find camping areas for Mike's acclimatization for Aconcagua. This is my new favorite climb near ABQ, it's short and high altitude, and it has spectacular views. On January 10, 2009 we will... (Read More)
Training Scramble in the foothills

Quick training run for January. I was my birthday and I "had to get out of the house for a while" according to Z. So I loaded up the pack to 65lbs, put on the double boots, and scrambled up one of the nearby foothills to a nice resting sp... (Read More)
Red Mountain

Mike was in Seattle this week so we hit up Red Mountain on Saturday morning. Left the trailhead at 6:30am, summited in 3 hours, and was back to town by lunch time. There was a thin glaze of ice on the top 1-2 hundred vertical feet that made progres... (Read More)
Bandara in October

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Mount Adams

This was my first time to climb Mount Adams, so I decided to climb it in one day. I drove down Saturday night, after watching the weather forecast for the last few weeks, with the idea to climb on Sunday and take Monday off to recover. Drove the ... (Read More)
Bandara Run

Great day for a Bandara run. William, Buddy and myself (Matthew) set off and hit the trail head at 6:25am. Little bit of rain with the temp showing 47 in the parking lot. Hit the summit in 1.50 flat. Temp read around 34, so it was bit colder. Sn... (Read More)
Climbing Mount St Helens

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Last of the summer hikes up Bandara. Started early and we hit the top around 9:00am. Clouds were very thick, but looking to break on the way down. Its great to see winter already coming, since the climbers will all be leaving the trail soon. Tr... (Read More)
Mount Baker

Pending... (Read More)
Santa Fe Baldy, NM - North East Ridge

Next weekend we're planning to hit Santa Fe Baldy...but not from the normal route. Instead we'll be packing in to Lake Katherine and then climbing to the peak via the North East ridge. I'm not sure what to expect since we had near-record snowfall t... (Read More)
Skinning up Alpental

Mark Davis and I, hit Alpental ski area around 8:00am, to skin up and get a few runs in, before the chair opened for the last time in the season. What a great day, fantastic Spring skiing conditions.... (Read More)
Mt Si - Sunday night training Run

Well, its been 6 months since I've trained for a climb, and Buddy and William joined me on this trip. Yes we have a new boy, William. 6 month old Flat Coat from Shasta California. We did good, summited and completed the hike in 2:45. That w... (Read More)
Denali Prep on Rainier - Mike

Day 1 - The weather is beautiful and everyone is eager to get going. We check all of our gear and load up the van. So far the team seems like a great group of people, we all get along nicely and conversation is mainly based on learning about each o... (Read More)
Low Mountain attempt - Denny Creek area - Mike

Left the house at 4am. Upon arriving we discovered that the access road was not plowed for the last 1/2+ mile to the trail head parking lot due to a fallen tree. We missed the turn off to the trail and walked about an extra 1/2 mile past the parkin... (Read More)
Santa Fe Baldy winter climb....solo! - Mike

In 2007 after climbing Mt. Whitney I set a goal to climb Santa Fe Baldy in the winter of 2008. What a better day to achieve this goal than new years day! The 14 mile hike (all above 10,000') is one of the most tiring things I've done in my life.... (Read More)
Sandia Peak Ski Area (NM) - Winter Hike - Mike

After a big dump of snow I (Mike) decided to finally strap on my new snow shoes and take a hike up Sandia ski area. It was quite cold today, in the single digits (f) when I left, and the wind was brutal. Next time I will remember to bring a balacla... (Read More)
First ski for Winter of 2007 - Matthew

Its snowed 36 inches in the last 4 days, and Alpental is still not yet ready to open. Left for the summit at 6:30am, and ran into the state patrol, requiring 4 wheel drive to go up on the pass. The parking lot was empty, and had not been plowed for... (Read More)
First Snow on Bandara for Winter of 2007 - Matthew

Bandara Road opened back up last week, after being closed for 8-10 weeks. Good news, since there is about 12-14 inches of snow in the parking lot. Got started around 6:30am (Matthew), and headed out while snowing. Since not many had come before u... (Read More)
Kosciuszko - Matthew

5+ hours of driving, on the wrong side of the road. A chair lift ride. 6 miles to get to the top. Snowing all the way up. Summit temp 15 degrees F. 6 + 4 miles down for missing the chair lift before it closed at 4:30pm, who knew. 6 hours driving b... (Read More)
Mike baselines on Mt. Si

After hearing so much about Si, I finally decided to baseline myself against all the WA natives. I brought all my hiking gear to Bellevue decided to race the sunset after work on Monday. I did it in 2:50 round trip (day pack only, no poles) - not b... (Read More)
Commonweath Basin - Matthew

Mark and I (Matthew) spent Sunday running out the PCT train on a training run up to the Commonweath Basin. Snow started at about a mile in, and ran about 2 feet deep at the top of the Basin. Mark broke trail for the last section ending at the botto... (Read More)
Mt Si, Saturday training run

Another Saturday speed run up Mt Si (Matthew). Snow at mile mark 3 and up, led to to a fast time of 2:45 total round trip. Not many on the trail, so the going was good. Started out around 5:30am, and finished before 8:30am.... (Read More)
Mt Si in October
10/8/2007 1:13:40 AM

Weather was not to bad, a bit of rain. The number of regular climbers is now starting to slow down on this trail with the bad weather coming. Time was good, finished in 2 hours 50 minutes, with a 5 minute break included at the top. Ran a 55 poun... (Read More)
Fall hike of Bandara
10/1/2007 12:58:06 AM

Well, we decided to start the weekly tradition of training once again. Bandara is always the favorite, so off we went, rain and all. Snow was falling at the top, around 5000ft. Temp dropped to 35 degrees, but the colors were just beautiful. Lo... (Read More)
Mt. Whitney - Mike & Zarina

Mike Muscato and Zarina Jolly climb Whitney and summit. Someday I will add some more pictures to this one.... (Read More)
Skiing Red Mountain
4/8/2007 7:57:11 PM

Finally did it, skied Red Mountain. This is something Mark Davis and I have wanted to do for quite some time. This Sunday started off, looking like a good rainy day. Mark was unable to make it, so I headed off alone, looking to give Red Mountain an... (Read More)
Skiing Red Mountian
4/1/2007 2:33:25 PM

Pending... (Read More)
2/1/2007 2:39:54 PM

First, but unsuccessful attempt at the 3rd of the 7 Summits... (Read More)
Skiing down from Chair Peak
1/13/2007 2:14:53 PM

Pending... (Read More)
Pine Apple Basin
1/1/2007 12:03:44 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Mount Si in December
12/31/2006 11:56:45 PM

Pending... (Read More)
Skiing up to the Tooth
12/24/2006 3:00:48 PM

The day before christmas is always a great day to get out. Mark and I decided to try out the new AT back country ski gear and headed out for the back valley at Snoqualmie pass. We started out around 7:00am, still dark. The track from the upper Apl... (Read More)
Snow Lake, Gem Lake
11/5/2006 3:06:38 PM

Mark Davis and I (Matthew Davis) head off to Snoqualmie pass to get ina simple hike, and map out a trail for winter. Snow lake, is a hike that runs up an over the ridge to just due northwest of snoqualmie mountain. The trail itself is very easy a... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain
10/29/2006 10:38:05 PM

Its the end of October, and this Sunday its raining at 800 feet above sea level. Mark Davis and Matthew Davis, met at the standard park & ride meeting spotk, and headed out about 6:10. It was raining all the way up to exit 45, where its decided... (Read More)
Lundin Peak Summit
10/15/2006 4:33:02 PM

Its a cold rainy day as Mark Davis and I (Matthew Davis) head out at about 6:15 to the top of Snoqualmie pass. We park at the head of the PCT trail, where they head up to the junction of the PCT and the commonwealth basin trail. Its raining all t... (Read More)
Red Mountian Summit
10/8/2006 5:19:27 PM

This hike started at 6:30am in the morning, with Mark Davis and myself (Matthew) heading up to Snoqualmie pass. We decided to try for Red Mountain, a peak that has eluded us for a few years. You start this hike by getting on the PCT (Pacific Cres... (Read More)

The 2nd of the 7 summits... (Read More)
Kendal Peak, no summit
7/30/2006 5:26:44 PM

... (Read More)
Mount Si, Another Summit
7/26/2006 5:47:35 PM

... (Read More)
Gravel Lake - Kendal Catwalk
7/15/2006 5:58:44 PM

... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain Summit
6/25/2006 12:58:08 AM

... (Read More)
Bananna Ridge - Off Bandara Mountain
1/15/2006 1:00:55 AM

... (Read More)
Winter run on Red Mountain - Base that is
1/6/2006 1:03:21 AM

... (Read More)
Alpental Ski Area - Denny Mountain Summit
11/20/2005 1:07:07 AM

... (Read More)
Commonweath Basin approach
11/6/2005 1:27:09 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Denny Mountain
11/4/2005 1:31:02 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Trout Lake, Copper Lake on Route 2
11/1/2005 1:32:18 AM

pending... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain
10/8/2005 1:39:28 AM

pending... (Read More)

After dropping off the rental car at the airport, and catching a cab back to the meeting place where the team was staying, we all piled into an old dodge van, and headed for Talketna. Talketna is a small town, which acts as the take off point for to... (Read More)
Mason Lake off Bandara Trail
2/1/2005 1:41:05 AM

pending... (Read More)
Denny Mountain
11/1/2004 1:43:02 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Mount Whitney
7/14/2004 1:46:36 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Mount Rainier - Denali Prep - Matthew
4/18/2004 1:50:55 AM

Winter hike on Mount Rainier, summit attempt and RMI Denali training... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain
4/12/2004 2:04:12 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Granite Mountain
11/23/2003 7:17:38 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain
11/2/2003 7:23:59 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Bandara Mountain
10/26/2003 7:25:30 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Granite Mountain
10/23/2003 7:29:52 AM

Pending... (Read More)
Mount Rainier
8/16/2003 7:33:10 AM

Pending... (Read More)