Snow Lake, Gem Lake
DESCRIPTION: Looking to summit Snoqualmie Mountain, we missed and went around Snow Lake and beyound
PEAK ELEVATION: 5500' / 1,676m
DATE: 11/5/2006 3:06:38 PM
11/5/2006 3:06:38 PM:      
Mark Davis and I (Matthew Davis) head off to Snoqualmie pass to get ina simple hike, and map out a trail for winter. Snow lake, is a hike that runs up an over the ridge to just due northwest of snoqualmie mountain. The trail itself is very easy all the way up. The trail crests out on a ridge, before dropping down to Snow Lake. The trail then runs along the East side of the lake, before it branches off to the east. After a small bit, you hit a sign where the trail splits to either Wild cat lake or snoqualmie mountian. Its raining quite hard by the time we reach the sign and trail split, so we head back. This was a good training hike, to allow Mark and I to map out the trail via GPS. We will then come back to summit in the winter.