Bandara Mountain
DESCRIPTION: First Snows of late 2006 season
PEAK ELEVATION: 5075' / 1,547m
DATE: 10/29/2006 10:38:05 PM
10/29/2006 10:38:05 PM:      
Its the end of October, and this Sunday its raining at 800 feet above sea level. Mark Davis and Matthew Davis, met at the standard park & ride meeting spotk, and headed out about 6:10. It was raining all the way up to exit 45, where its decided to just make a quick training run on Bandara. Its raining at the parking lot when they head out. Today is a good day for shells. About 2500 feet, the rain turns to snow. At about 3500, the trail goes from switch backs, to a straight up run. Its really snowing now, and the wind is blowing at about 15mph. Hoods are up, hats are on, and the only way to ignore the temp change, is to drop your head and just head straight up. Pictures now, are getting stars of snow flakes showing up. Mark stops to get warmer clothes on while Matthew pushes up to the top of the ridge line where the trail straightens out. When Mark reaches the top, Matthew snaps some pictures. They both continue on through the trees around 4500 and up the last 3 sections that run a rock ridge line to the summit. The snow is about 2 inches deep and its blowing around 20 mph. The two slip and slide over the 3 boulder fields, until they reach the summit. They find a place to camp in the trees and take a break from the wind. On the way down the snow is coming down even more then before. Turn around was about 9:30, and the temp has dropped from 40 at the parking lot, to 30. Both run into some traffic at the last mile. Its still snowing all the way down to the parking lot. 2-3 inches in the parking lot. Great day for a hike, and its wonderful to see it stick even at the 2000 mark. The season just getting going.