Lundin Peak Summit
DESCRIPTION: Lundin Peak, sitting right next to Snoqualmie and Red Mountian. Fall Summit
PEAK ELEVATION: 6086' / 1,855m
DATE: 10/15/2006 4:33:02 PM
10/15/2006 4:33:02 PM:      
Its a cold rainy day as Mark Davis and I (Matthew Davis) head out at about 6:15 to the top of Snoqualmie pass. We park at the head of the PCT trail, where they head up to the junction of the PCT and the commonwealth basin trail. Its raining all the way up to the basin, pouring buckets. Good thing for the shells. At the basin, we both stop at the lake to let the dogs swim. The trail forks up to hit the ridge between Red Mountain and Lundin peak. We both head up. After about 45 minutes we top out on the ridge, with the wind blowing about 15mph. The trail then cuts west, toward Lundin peak. We head off until we hit the sign that shows the trail is abandoned. There is a goat trail that then heads up the Lundin peak, switching back and forth until you hit the final false summit. The true summit is hidden in the clouds, for you have to drop below the false summit and scramble up the read ridge summit. Today is the wrong day for that. It will have to wait. The walk down is wet. We both reach the car about 1:30pm. Long day for pure rain. About 3 cars in the parking lot. The summer crowds are already gone. Lets pray for snow.