Mount Si, Feb 2011
DESCRIPTION: Mount Si Training climb
PEAK ELEVATION: 4800' / 1,463m
DATE: 2/22/2011
Monday Feb 21st, 2011 Hit the trail at 4:40pm, sunset was at around 5:50pm. William and I. (Matthew) Had to switch on the head lamp just short of mile 2, and also turned on William's red flashing light. The flashing light really helps to see him in the dark sections of the trail. It was snowing from mile 2 up, and had to use cleats at 2.5 up. Hit the top at 6:20pm, about 1 hour 40 minutes. Cold on top, and clearly no one had summited in hours, since there were no tracks from mile 3 up. Hit the bottom at 7:33pm. About 2 hours 53 minutes, good trip for the snow, ice, and of course, its dark with no moon. William and his blinking red light were awesome.