Mount Si
DESCRIPTION: Mount Si, Training in November of 2010 #2
PEAK ELEVATION: 4800' / 1,463m
DATE: 11/7/2010
Sunday, November 7th. Hit the trail at 4:15pm with William. (Matthew) Day light savings has just kicked in, and while on the way to the trail, it was pouring. Hoping for better weather than the day before. Maybe 10 cars in the parking lot, hit most of the people in the first mile. Had to turn on the light at mile 1.5, and kept a solid pace from there up. Around mile 2.5, I noticed a light coming up behind me about 1/2 mile back, so that modivated me to keep the pace all the way up. I pushed it a bit, but finished out at 5:53pm. Not bad, 1 hour 38 minutes with a full pack. I felt it though. Hit the bottom at 7:02, so the round trip with 5 minutes on top to feed William was around 2:45. Not bad for the 2nd Si trip in a row. And yes, I did not let myself get passed, and it was raining almost all the way up. William and I are back...