Mount Si
DESCRIPTION: Mount Si, Training in November of 2010
PEAK ELEVATION: 4800' / 1,463m
DATE: 11/6/2010
Saturday, November 6th Wanted to try for two climbs this weekend, so it seemed better to do Si both weekend days, in the evening of course. William and I headed out. (Matthew) Hit the trail at 5:03pm, and headed up. It was dark fast, say around mile one. Only a few cars in the parking lot, so we hit most of those people in the first mile. Ran into one guy around mile 3, figured we might see him again. People are always interested in why you would be climbing at night, well hello, heard of no traffic? Did I mention it was raining like cats and dogs? Hit the top at 6:40pm, and man was I wet. I had to change my top out, and put on the old vest. It was pouring at the top, about 36 degrees, what I would call, Washington cold. Around mile 1.5, caught up with the same guy we say at mile post 3. Asked if he was ok, and kept moving. I think he was surprised how fast we caught up with him. Hit the bottom at 7:47pm, so total trip was around 2:45 or 2:50. Not bad for the first time up in a long time. Man was it wet. But, we will hit it again tomorrow.