Bandara Mountain in Oct 2010
DESCRIPTION: Last weekend in October of 2010, Bandara
PEAK ELEVATION: 5500' / 1,676m
DATE: 10/31/2010
Sunday October 31st, Halloween William and I headed out to the trail around 6am. (Matthew) A tree was blocking the road about a mile from the trail head. Tried pulling it with the wench, but I had no saw, so we just parked there and headed up. In the dark, you don't notice that its about an extra mile. Headed out about 6:45am. Around the 4500 elevation, we hit the snow. About halfway up the older section of Bandara, snow was 12-18 deep. I was very surprised, since we were just here 7 days before, and nothing. By the time we hit the top, it was snowing, and the temp was much lower. Snow is not 20 inches and deeper in many sections, can I say "Post Hole" ! Post holed all the way to the top. William even broke trail for me for a bit, and he did a great job. But when we hit the ridge he had pooped out. Hit the top around 9:00am. Not bad time, since we added another mile and snow. Hit the bottom around 10:45am, and I was right, it was a mile plus down the road. By that time, someone had cut the tree, see photo, and only myself and a few others were parked there. I need to carry a saw or axe going forward. Nice trip, and William did well. Ran into about 20 people.