Bandara in June
DESCRIPTION: Back on Bandara, still snow on the North slopes
PEAK ELEVATION: 4800' / 1,463m
DATE: 6/20/2009
Mark Davis, William, Buddy, and myself (Matthew) hit Bandara today, at about 6:30am. Bandara is off Exit 45 on I-90 going East from Seattle. The road, is a 5 mile back track to a parking lot. With all the snow fall this year though, the road is washed out in many spots. The final washout, I was unable to get the Yukon through. We parked and headed out. We hit the top in about 1 hour 50 minutes, and then took about 1.5 hours to return. A lot of snow still exists on the northern slopes. William - grade of B Buddy - grade of B Matthewy - grade of C I carried 40 pounds, but I was a bit tired on the top, so I've still got training before I would declare a B grade. Weather was great, with a heavy mist in the air, and the temps at the top dropped to around 40 degrees. Nice hike.