Mount Si - Back from 6 months off
DESCRIPTION: Six months off, man this was a pain
PEAK ELEVATION: 4800' / 1,463m
DATE: 6/14/2009
Well, we are back. Its the Three Amigo's !!! William, the man on point. Buddy, the security guard. Matthew We hit Si for the first time in exactly 6 months. Its summer time, since there were already people on the trail when we headed up at 6am. I was surprised to overtake 5 or 6 couples before mile post 3. Overall, we did well, finishing in 2 hours 50 minutes. Pack weight was 40 pounds on the dot, and my legs felt pretty good. I was very surprised to turn in such a good time, with that much weight. Man I'm going to be sore on Monday. I give William a C for trail manners, and Buddy an A. Its great to be back, and now we need to start hitting the trail on Thursday nights !!!