Mount Si
DESCRIPTION: Hardest Climb of Mount Si I've ever done !!!
PEAK ELEVATION: 4400' / 1,341m
DATE: 12/21/2008
On Sunday, the pass was closed, so no luck going back country skiing. That left Mount Si to climb, since its this side of the State Patrol road block. Mark Davis and I set out about 7:30am, and hit a foot of snow from mile one through two. At mile two, the snow was 2-3 feet in wind drifts. From that point up, it was a real work out, breaking trail all the way. At some points, the snow drifts were over 4 feet, making it very difficult to keep a good pace. Temps dropped to around 10 degrees, but we kept a good pace and reached the top in about 3 hours. Very slow for most standards, but with that much snow, that was as fast as we could go. After a short break at the top, with 40-50mph gusts hitting us, we bolted for the bottom. Long haul down. Going down was almost as hard as going up, since we still had just our tracks. Ran into three other groups coming up, but it was late in the day and I'm not sure they would make the top. Great Sunday hike, and good change for the old Mount Si work out !!! Matthew