Red Mountain
DESCRIPTION: Red Mountain some Ice, and before the snows hit
PEAK ELEVATION: 5850' / 1,783m
DATE: 10/25/2008
Mike was in Seattle this week so we hit up Red Mountain on Saturday morning. Left the trailhead at 6:30am, summited in 3 hours, and was back to town by lunch time. There was a thin glaze of ice on the top 1-2 hundred vertical feet that made progress through the talus slow and slippery. After a couple of good falls Mike finally put on the microspikes which made forward progress much easier and faster. Matthew was wearing boots with a much stiffer sole so he was able to edge better. Nevertheless we both wore spikes for the descent and we both took a couple of spills. Mike topped it off with a "perfect-10" tumbling face-plant near the bottom of the scramble - but he wasn't done yet, Mike maximized his bruising by slipping on a wet root on the lower trail. All in all a good workout, beautiful WA scenery, and a great day in the hills.