Mt Si - Sunday night training Run
DESCRIPTION: First time out in 6 months, need to see where I'm at, and start training for South America
PEAK ELEVATION: 4700' / 1,433m
DATE: 5/11/2008
Well, its been 6 months since I've trained for a climb, and Buddy and William joined me on this trip. Yes we have a new boy, William. 6 month old Flat Coat from Shasta California. We did good, summited and completed the hike in 2:45. That was with snow at mile 3 and beyound, that slowed our pace. I measured the backpack, and I was carrying 25 pounds right on. It was a great hike, no one was on the trail, since we hiked it at night starting at 7:00pm, and finished at 9:45pm. It was snowing at the top. The amount of snow, this late in the year, is something I've not seen in 10 years of hiking this trail. Well, look for us every Thursday night at 5:00pm. My goal is to hike Si every week until January. Matthew