Sandia Peak Ski Area (NM) - Winter Hike - Mike
DESCRIPTION: Mike's first time on snow shoes, ascending to Sandia Peak from the base of the ski area.
PEAK ELEVATION: 10378' / 3,163m
DATE: 12/15/2007
After a big dump of snow I (Mike) decided to finally strap on my new snow shoes and take a hike up Sandia ski area. It was quite cold today, in the single digits (f) when I left, and the wind was brutal. Next time I will remember to bring a balaclava or neck gaiter to protect my face. The snow was packed in places and knee deep in others so it was a bit of a challenge finding the right lines. It was a great hike, other than a few muscle cramps and some general soreness, and took about 4 hours round-trip. Surprising to me, since this hike only takes me about 1:30 in summer months. The snow shoes work a whole new group of muscles and I definitely wasn't prepared for it. But the brighter side is that these 'new' muscles seem to be the ones that support my knee and should help strengthen that joint.