First Snow on Bandara for Winter of 2007 - Matthew
DESCRIPTION: Saturday training hike up Mount Bandara
PEAK ELEVATION: 5400' / 1,646m
DATE: 12/1/2007
Bandara Road opened back up last week, after being closed for 8-10 weeks. Good news, since there is about 12-14 inches of snow in the parking lot. Got started around 6:30am (Matthew), and headed out while snowing. Since not many had come before us, it took the dogs and I, about 4 hours to break trail all the way up. Overall, snowshoes ended up not working, so I just did the old fashion way, post holing. On the face, where you get direct exposure to the South, the wind was blowing a solid 25 knots. The dogs eye's were freezing shut, so I needed to speed up my pace to get us to the top. Overall, about knee deep in most places due to wind drifts. Reached the top about 10:00am, and only stayed for about 10 minutes. My hands and feet were getting very cold. I checked the temp, and it was 17 degree. Figure, thats 0 with wind chill. Got some great pictures on the way down of the famous Bananna ridge, with a bit of sun peaking out. Overall, great hike, but a bit harder than I expected. I need someone else to help break trail, hint, hint.